Responsive Web Design

People are using all sorts of devices to look at your website these days. In fact, people will often start looking at your website on one device but then look at it again later in the day on another one. The number of people using mobile devices to access websites increases monthly, and in particular in the evenings when people aren’t at their desk at work.

There has been a lot of debate about how best to ensure these users get a great experience of your website on their phone, tablet, or other device, and it seems the results are in…

Responsive Web Design allows you to have a single website which shifts and scales the content so that on large or small screens, it always looks great. The beauty of this approach, instead of say, having a separate “mobile” website, is that you only have to maintain one website, and the technology does the rest, making it look great all the time.

This website is responsive, try looking at this page on different devices and see how it looks!

We’re now taking a responsive approach to web design for all our new sites, so don’t be surprised if you hear us talking about it 🙂

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